Current Projects

In the next stage I made a conscious attempt to translate the diagrams further, into three dimensional forms or models, where I used a malleable material. In this instance I used plastercine. I wanted to envision the diagram, as an interactive live thing. I was trying to make connections between my mind (decisions about perimeters) and actions by my hand using the plastercine into shapes provoked by the diagram. There was something in the speed of use of the material that allowed me to be freer when testing the flexibility within perimeters of the idea. It was an attempt because it was an ‘unknown’ task. Am I dogmatic? Or am I plastic within my limits? It’s incredibly hard work to be single minded.

List of previous exhibitions, performances and workshops by Rita Evans: CV

Recent exhibitions: Urbanea 2013, Spain.

Installing our video Salt Factory Colour Clock in collaboration with Julia Mariscal at Urbanea 2013, Spain.

Other Recent Projects:

Above: Installation image of Surround Sound for Sitting with the Qualities of a Mountain, at Blythe Gallery, London (2013)

Still from Philanthropic City , video installation, filmed on reidency in India (2012)

The Melt issue 3 Octave performed at Chisenhale Gallery (2011).

Materials and performance workshop: Activating the Everyday: Material Encounters Tate Modern, 2013

Do you ever wonder about the creative potential of everyday materials? How does performance feature in the process of art-making? To coincide with A Bigger Splash exhibition, this practical two day workshop invites you to engage with and activate a range of everyday materials such as foil, fabric, spices and paper through subtle gestures to explore and rethink your relationship to them and the world around you. Through visits to the exhibition, making sessions, group activities and discussion, you have the opportunity to handle these ideas and materials, culminating in an optional performance. Please bring with you an everyday material you would like to work with. No technical knowledge is required. All levels of ability are welcome.